Welcome to the The Fireal Foundation, © Fireal 2022 documentation. Here you find all mainnet and testnet protocol features and implementations. The documentation will be updated continuously.

In Fichain, Consensus is achieved through interaction between the following two mining algorithms: Proof-of-Work (“PoW”) and Proof-of-Stake (“PoS”). This combination makes it possible to achieve a high degree of network decentralization, while significantly increasing both the network security level and its speed, and with PoS validating PoW, the ability for a 51% attack to be launched and the potential for fraudulent miner activity is reduced.

Therefore, we are inventing a completely New Blockchain protocol that:

  • Can run on mobile devices with ARM architecture

  • Combining PoW and PoS consensus mechanisms creates a more significant community engagement across the network.

  • Very light in overall power consumption

  • Supports instant transactions even if the chain expands in size exponentially

  • Live rate API feed

Target features of our new Blockchain architecture

  • Divide the Blockchain network into different layers to reduce system requirements on the devices (end nodes) side;

  • End nodes do not have to have strong computational power or a large amount of memory; All devices can connect to our Blockchain without any hardware change

  • All the end nodes have equal chances of getting Blockchain rewards; The chain does not consume unnecessary power

  • The chain supports instant transactions no matter how big it becomes.

  • The chain fully supports smart contracts like bsc, polygon..

  • Create an EVM-compatible blockchain bridge

  • E-KYC platform

  • P2P Transfers between Fichain users

Fichain is an open-source decentralized blockchain protocol with proof-of-work and proof-of-stake as its consensus mechanism. It offers rent-free blockchain tools for creators and organizations to build products, services and systems.

Fichain is a multichain protocol with strong focus on scalability, security and decentralization. It can scale to world demand, is proven 51% hash attack resistant and is community built - all coins in circulation are fairly mined and staked.

With Public Blockchains as a Service (PBaaS) anyone can launch scalable, interoperable, customizable and independent blockchains for public or private use. Create tokens and currencies on top of blockchains for any use case. Get funding and create markets with protocol level built-in DeFi.

Protocol-level self-sovereign digital identities and namespaces are at the center of the Fichain multichain protocol. Giving builders, communities, businesses and organizations tools never before seen.

Everything happening on the Fichain multichain protocol has aligned incentives with the miners and stakers of the worldwide network. This makes it one of the most secure protocols with opportunities to earn.


Fichain creates blockchain technology that is accessible for everyone.

  • No programming needed for blockchain, token and currency launches

  • Low protocol fees

  • Mining and staking accessible for everyone


Fichain takes blockchain security to the next level.

  • 51% hash attack resistant through Fichain Proof of Power

  • Fichain Attack Resistance:

    We have developed a system that will protect Fichain from vicious attacks from hackers. To successfully attack the Fichain Protocol, more than 50% of the validation power is needed, called Chain Power. A 51% attack would require a combined value of over 50% of both the chain’s hashpower and its coin supply.

    Fichain Hybrid PoW & PoS provides a decentralizing effect on the network, incentivizing holders to keep nodes online to support the network. Even if a change in network hashrate happens, the PoW/PoS ratio stays the same: 50/50%.


Verus enables a world where all blockchains communicate with eachother.

  • Cross-chain, cross-system transfers of all data types

  • Bridges to communicate with external blockchains


Fichain is a community driven project in the true spirit of Bitcoin.

  • Fair launch

  • No ICO, no developer fees, no founder fees, no premine

  • Decentralized public blockchain

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